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Elevate - Hiew External Module

Elevates current Hiew process
Requires Administrator (UAC)


When you are normally examining files with Hiew, running Hiew under UAC (User Account Control) is enough, but if you need to modify objects in protected locations like %ProgramFiles%, you need to elevate Hiew process to grant admin permissions. "Elevate" module lets you to elevate current Hiew process to grant admin rights and to modify protected objects.


Place Elevate.hem in Hiew Hem folder (usually Hiew\Hem\Elevate).
To set Hem path, add option HemPath to hiew8.ini:
[HiewIni 5.03]
HemPath =   "C:\Hiew\Hem\"  ; Path to folder with Hiew External Modules

To add keyboard shortcut, add to hemkeys.ini in Hem folder:
[HemKeys 7.45]
e: Elevate


Launch Hiew, press F11 (Hiew External Modules menu), select and run Elevate module. If you added shortcut as described above, you can just press F11, then 'e'.
If you previously opened file in Hiew, new elevated copy of Hiew will be launched with the same file, mode and offset.


Administrator rights are required to elevate Hiew process.
If your account doesn't have administrative rights, new Hiew instance will be launched, but without elevation.

After elevation you can open physical and logical drives as well:
      If you executed Hiew without administrative rights ("Couldn't open file"), just press Esc, then open any other (accessible) file, then launch 'Elevate' from Hem menu (F11), then press F9 (Files), Alt+F3 (Devices) and \\.\PhysicalDrive0 will be listed and accessible then.


      Module supports Hem2HemGate, so you can call 'Elevate' module. Use HiewGate_GetHem2HemGate to find 'Elevate' module handle. Refer to Hem SDK documentation (HiewGate.c).

      • FileName - File name of executable to run elevated. If NULL, then current Hiew instance is used
      • CmdLine - Command line parameters for executable. If NULL, then active file name is used as parameter

      HemElevateGate    Proto C    FileName:PSTR, CmdLine:PSTR
      BOOL __cdecl HemElevateGate (
          _In_  LPCTSTR FileName,
          _In_  LPCTSTR CmdLine


      The software is provided to you "AS IS," and you acknowledge that it may contain errors. Author disclaims any warranty or liability obligations of any kind.


      Author email:


      Elevate.hem created by Jupiter

      © 2006-2016 by Jupiter


      Download Elevate binary distribution from official Hiew site:

      Direct download:

      Archive contents:
      • Elevate.hem
      • Elevate.ini
      • Elevate_En.txt
      • File_iD.diz



      Release of Elevate was announced in Hiew author official blog (in Russian):

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